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Learn the steps we took with our partner company DeanHouston to safely reopen our offices with new procedures following months of work-from-home.

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DeanHouston wasn’t alone feeling like they were in uncharted territories because of COVID-19. Companies had to come up with new procedures on the fly. It took months of planning and careful consideration, but they have successfully reopened multiple offices across different states. This page features educational assets highlighting how they approached their reopening process and the safety equipment Exhibit Logistics provided for them.

No matter your company size, we have practical safety equipment for your site.
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How the ‘4-10 Plan’ Impacted DeanHouston’s Reopening Approach
Businesses are getting creative implementing a safe, methodical reopening process after months of work-from-home. At DeanHouston, we’ve spent a considerable amount of time working to get our teams back together in the safest way possible.


How We Battle Against COVID in the Workplace
COVID-19 has drastically changed what clean means. This historic pandemic has directly impacted how we feel about our safety outside of our home. This includes the workplace, where many businesses are currently struggling to reassure their employees that they’re returning to a clean and safe environment.Getting our workplace “work ready” was no walk in the park, but to help make things a little easier, we have created a crash course on how we approached the psychology of clean in the workplace.


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