Total control of your trade show property. For real.

Manage your trade show property (assets) online 24/7/365.

Want to arrange to ship a trade show to Germany and then swing over to China? Can’t remember how many booths you currently have in storage? Or do you want to order a new display on a Sunday afternoon? With Exhibit Manager, you can do all of this and so much more. You get complete visibility of your assets with our proprietary, user-friendly browser-based tool that puts you in total control of your component inventory anytime, anywhere.

To get started, your assets will be shipped to our warehouse, where each piece will assembled, photographed, and added to your personal inventory database in the Exhibit Manager program – giving you the ability to do the following:

Track inventory.

It’s 4AM. Do you know where your trade show is? Now you can know exactly where every component is (or where it’s going), making the daunting task of organizing multiple shows so much simpler. Components are chosen with easy-to-use drop-down menus, and email confirmations are sent to the appropriate personnel within your organization.


Browse the inventory and order by category, hardware, graphics and product displays. Exhibit Manager records the orders for every show over a 10-year period, creating a starting point and predictable ordering patterns for shows that are visited year after year with the added ability to tightly define and control budgets.


Exhibit Manager allows you to upload files to the system and give access to everyone attending the show, keeping key personnel in the loop. Combined with a show-plan presentation, we can help you organize every aspect of the show in one file at one location.

Catch mistakes before it’s too late.

Exhibit Manager allows us to proactively help monitor and manage your brand across all trade show assets. So, for example, if a component has the wrong logo or is otherwise out-of-date, it can be flagged before it leaves our warehouse, eliminating those nasty unwanted surprises on the trade show floor.



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