Trade Show Event Planning

Go big before you go home.

Get more out of your investment with the event experience.

Let’s face it, trade shows are expensive – for both exhibitors and attendees. That’s why many exhibitors are choosing to turn the basic trade show into a wide-ranging “event” for their company and employees. And that just makes good sense. If a company is absorbing the cost of airfare to fly numerous employees to a trade show site, why not optimize the return on that expense by holding an annual sales meeting or other corporate event in conjunction with the trade show?

Exhibit Logistics has individuals who are dedicated to managing every aspect of an event – from the smallest meeting or training session to massive 1,000-plus-person events that require preparation 12 months or more in advance. We can manage the logistics, transportation, theme and design, and are equipped to handle the coordination for sales meetings, user conferences, dealer events and in-house team-building activities. Precise coordination with hundreds of touch points is among the skillsets our seasoned team possesses. Our complete capabilities include:



Design & Planning

Event Services

Written Collateral, Technical Manuals

Videos, VR, 3D, AR

Signage, Interior Branding

Art Design & Production

Printing (All Substrates including Fabric)


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