How to Properly Wash Your Face Mask and Why It’s Important

After spending months working remotely, businesses are beginning to transition employees back into office environments. With this transition comes the responsibility to remain as sanitary as possible. 

As many of us adjust to wearing face masks for extended periods of time, it’s important to recognize that potentially harmful substances can build up on your mask throughout the day. While dust and germs can accumulate on the exterior, bacteria can get trapped on the inside of the mask, as well. 

When it comes to staying healthy in the office, it is crucial to not only wash your masks after each use, but also to wash them properly. Below are some guidelines on how to clean your face masks, as recommended by the CDC.

Washing Your Mask

You can wash your mask by hand or in a washing machine. If you choose to use a washing machine, you can simply include your mask with your regular laundry and regular laundry detergent. Be sure to use the warmest appropriate water setting for the fabric used to make your mask. Hot water is best for removing dirt and contaminants, but if the material in your mask is prone to shrinking, you may want to opt for warm water instead.

If washing by hand, you will need to prepare a bleach solution. Always read and follow directions on the label of your bleach product to ensure safe and effective use. First, verify that your bleach product is intended for disinfection and not past its expiration date. You’ll want to use a bleach containing 5.25%–8.25% sodium hypochlorite and ensure that you have proper ventilation.

To make the bleach solution, you can mix:
  • 5 tablespoons (⅓ cup) of 5.25%–8.25% bleach per gallon of room temperature water OR
  • 4 teaspoons of 5.25%–8.25% bleach per quart of room temperature water
You will then soak the mask in this solution for five minutes. Once you are finished, discard the bleach solution down the drain and soak the mask thoroughly with cool or room temperature water.

Drying Your Mask

It is extremely important to let your mask dry completely before use. If you choose to dry your mask in a dryer, make sure to use the highest heat setting. If you choose to air dry your mask, lay it flat and allow it to dry completely – ideally placing the mask in direct sunlight.


Taking these precautions and washing your mask regularly is essential for a smooth transition back to the office. If you’re in need of standard or customizable face masks, Exhibit Logistics has a variety of pre-made designs as well as the option to upload your own logo or preferred colors. Click here to browse our options or to start creating your own!  

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