It’s OK to Forget the Big Trade Show (as Long as There’s a Backup Plan)

If you have concerns about making the right impact or juggling the logistics of attending your industry’s big trade show, there’s always another option that lets you take matters into your own hands:

Host your own. 

While that might seem like an intimidating concept, holding your own symposium comes with a variety of benefits that you can’t find at larger, multiple-party events. This blog highlights those upsides and breaks down some of the more daunting parts of putting on your own show.

Why Host Your Own Show? 

While you would be just another booth in a lineup at larger industry trade shows, by holding your own event, you’re able to position yourself as the dominant presence and a thought leader within your industry. 

You’ll be able to feature your top employees, showcase your most exciting projects and demonstrate your expertise in an environment free of distractions from competitors. 

In addition, you’ll be far more likely to connect with attendees and convert them into engaged and reliable leads. By making your company the entire reason for attending the show, you make it far more likely that those who attend will be ready and willing to jump on board with what it is that you bring to the table instead of catering to random passersby. 

You’ll also have the freedom to design the event however you want. You can showcase your products and ideas in a way that most effectively markets them without the need to conform to the limited space or customizability of a regular trade show booth. 

Making the process easier

One of the biggest challenges in holding your own trade show is the cost involved. Doing it yourself means that the burden for procuring and installing partitions, banners, signage, AV equipment and any digital or print marketing materials will fall on you. You’ll be responsible for setting up the entirety of the event, not just your booth, so prepare well before launching into starting your own show. 

Here are a few ways to help offset some of the cost of hosting your show:

  • Consider partnering or collaborating with adjacent, non-competitive organizations to co-host or co-sponsor the event. Sharing the load can work well and further encourage attendees to show up for the increased offerings. 
  • If your brand lines are made up of large, heavy-duty industrial products, consider hosting the event locally to minimize shipping costs. 
  • Invite customers and your sales partners to a seminar held at your facility, an off-site venue or a smaller section of the conference center in conjunction with your industry’s big trade show.

By keeping these things in mind and setting a firm budget and schedule, you’ll be well on your way to hosting an event that widens your circle of leads and puts your company in the spotlight.

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